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Remove Downadup from infected computers

Downadup (or Conficker) is a network worm that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Windows to spread. Its removal is complicated by the fact that it blocks many known antivirus software and associated websites.

BitDefender Labs has detected a new and more aggressive Downadup version. It spreads using a Windows RPC Server Service vulnerability and is called Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen.

The new version is more resilient to disinfection. Once the system is compromised, the worm disables Windows Update and blocks access to most of the anti-virus websites in order to hinder the user to disinfect his machine.

BitDefender is the first to offer a free tool which disinfects all versions of Downadup. This domain is the first to serve a removal tool without being blocked by the e-threat.

The worm itself is not new, it made its first appearance late November 2008, known under the names Conficker or Kido as well exploiting the vulnerability described in the Microsoft security bulletin MS08-067. After successful exploitation it used to install rogue security software on the infected machine.

Download and run the tools provided below to rid your computer or newtork of this e-threat.

Download Downadup Removal Tool Single PC Removal Tool
Removes Downadup from a single PC

Download Now (.zip - 19MB)
Download Downadup Removal Tool for System Administrators Network Removal Tool
Removes Downadup from PCs in a Microsoft Network

Download Now (.exe - 13MB)
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